Motivasi - Dari Gemuk Boroi kepada Hensem


  1. wow. that's a very big, positive change. Good for you.
    And picture #4 really was awesome. :)
    Very handsome. Congrats!!

    Anyways, body size is just a plus factor for girls to say "yes". Although that is the first thing they will see. Attitude and sense of humor is still the carrying factor. hehe That's for my opinion and my idea. Your determination and will, that, is a very huge plus. If you can discipline yourself that way in your body, I think that would be a great thing to see in the future with much more responsibilities.
    :) :) happy hunting. Or are you still hunting? haha. Good luck in whatever you do.!!

  2. Perubahan yg amat ketara. APapun, mmg nmpk ensem bila kurus. Anyway, betui ka gmbr ni? Hehehehee


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